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Fundamentals of Aromatherapy with Deby Atterby




2 day Workshop

About the Course

Join us for a comprehensive 2-day workshop that serves as an immersive initiation into the wonderful realm of aromatherapy. The workshop will cover various crucial topics including:


  • History of Aromatherapy

  • Defining Aromatherapy

  • Dispelling Misconceptions

  • Key Factors to Consider

  • Mechanisms of Action

  • Methods of Extraction

  • Ensuring Quality

  • The Role of Olfaction

  • Understanding Chemical Compositions

  • Utilizing Carriers

  • Ensuring General Safety

  • Techniques for Blending, Dilution, and Percentage Calculations

  • Application of Perfume Notes

  • Practical Application Techniques

  • Hands-on Experience in Formulating Your Own Face Cream and Aura Mist to take with you

  • Exploration of over 15 Essential Oil Profiles

Exciting Inclusions!

  • Get ready for an amazing welcome gift bag!

  • A delightful morning tea with delicious sourdough treats

  • Complimentary herbal tea

  • Take home your own creations, such as a luxurious face cream and a refreshing aura mist!

Course Price

Take advantage of the Early Bird Pricing offer of $585 by booking before August 1, 2024. Secure your spot now to benefit from this discounted rate. After August 1st, the price will increase to $650.

Refunds Policy

Regrettably, refunds are not available for this workshop. Nevertheless, you have the option to transfer your ticket to another individual. For further assistance, please get in touch with us.

Your Instructor

Deby Atterby- Clinical Aromatherapist

Deby Atterby- Clinical Aromatherapist

Deby Atterby is an aromatherapist known for her extensive work and expertise in the field of aromatherapy. She has made significant contributions through her practice, education, and writing on the subject. Atterby is the editor of the "Aromatherapy Today" journal, a publication that provides insights, research, and updates on aromatherapy practices. Her work often focuses on the therapeutic uses of essential oils and the promotion of natural healing methods. Additionally, she has been involved in various professional organizations related to aromatherapy, advocating for the integration of aromatherapy into mainstream healthcare.

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