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Deby on her back deck
Deby on her back deck


Welcome to our brand-new website!

It is such a pleasure to have you join us at this truly exciting time for Aromatherapy Today.

So let us begin with you learning a little about the team and what we now have to offer you!  

We are small family-owned business dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise on Clinical Aromatherapy, Aromatic Medicine and Herbal Medicine.

Aromatherapy Today International Journal has been in print since 1995 and still going strong after 28 years, with the option to now view the journal digitally.

It is important to Aromatherapy Today Journal, that we share the upmost professional knowledge in what we deliver, along with stories of interest within this chosen profession. Aromatherapy Today International Journal also invites those that have a story that they wish to share to the world, and submit for viewing for publishing.

Today our team have opened many other doors of excitement to share with you all, such as our newsletter, courses, workshops, products, journals and books.

Keeping Australia in the world’s eye is a quest we all share at Aromatherapy Today, the focus lay’s strongly with our First Nations People and the incredible way they used the Australian flora to survive and heal, with that in mind we focused on making this a strong part of what we do.


All About Deby

Deby Atterby is an active Aromatherapy educator and clinical practitioner with over 40
years’ experience, and continues to be active in aromatic medicine and Clinical
Aromatherapy, as well as Western Herbal Medicine, she has trained internationally
since 2001.
In 2008, Deby undertook the task of editor and publisher of the industry magazine,
“Aromatherapy Today International Journal”, which assists Aromatherapists with their
continuing education in the aromatherapy realm. Deby provides an in-depth profile
of an Essential Oil in each volume.
She instigated the first Aromatica Australia conference in 2015, well attended by
therapists from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan. As a result of it's success, Deby continued
running the conferences in 2017, 2019, 2021, 2023 and plans are already underway for
2025/2026, which will be face to face conference.
Deby is at present recognized as an expert in Australian Native Essential Oils, has
many case studies demonstrating their efficacy and benefits in a clinical environment,
plus educates predominantly in the use of Australian Essential oils.
In 2019, Deby commenced to write a book on Australian Essential Oils, which was
launched at Aromatica 2021 and is being sold worldwide.
Deby's passion is Australian Clinical Aromatherapy, utilizing Australian products where
available, promoting small providers with quality products for the industry, as well as
teaching at colleges both locally and globally. One of her specialties is to teach others
how to utilise Australian Native essential oils and integrate them into their clinical
practice…”even if they haven't formally studied aromatherapy!”

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