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Safety & Precautions

Please read our safety section below thoroughly before working with our blends, as safety is important for both you and others.


Safety information- 


Essential oils must always be used in an effectual and safe manner, always remember common sense prevails.

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* Dilute essential oils in carrier for topical use, certain essential oils such as

   Anise Myrtle, Lemon Myrtle, Lemongrass or Clove may cause skin reactions.


* Do not use essential oils too close in or around the eyes.


* Never drip essential oils in the ears, diluted essential oils on a cotton pad

   for partial insertion only.

  • To avoid the risk of photo-toxicity use citrus oil such as lemon at no more than 2% and Grapefruit oil up to 4%.

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* Essential oil ingestion is not recommended, unless advised by a practitioner who       is qualified or licensed to prescribe essential oils in this manner. Essential

   oils, either undiluted or in water, can cause serious risk of mouth or stomach


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* Facial inhalation by steam recommended time is 15-20 minutes, essential

   oils vaporized into the air by diffusing is best done intermittently for 30-60

   minutes on, then off. 

  • For asthmatics, certain essential oils may trigger an attack, keep doses low and use common sense.

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* Keep essential oils out of reach from young children. The recommended dilution

   ratio according to age groups are as follows, 3-6 years old ~ 2 drops of essential

   oil in a carrier oil, 6-10 years old ~ 4 drops of essential oil in a carrier oil.


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Please consider the following contraindications:

Fragile or sensitive people, children, the elderly, skin conditions, pregnancy, epilepsy, breathing issues, prescribed medications, heart conditions, blood pressure, serious health conditions. It is advised to seek the advice from a qualified practitioner.

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