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Aromatica Australia

Discover the extraordinary world of essential oils and aromatherapy at Aromatica Australia, a unique bi-annual conference showcasing leading experts from around the globe. 

"Education is the key to the future of Clinical Aromatherapy"



Aromatica Australia

Aromatica Australia will be held on the Gold Coast in August 2026. This will be our first face to face conference since 2019, so be sure you register your interest to attend! Click below to be placed onto our pre-registration list.


Aromatica Australia

The 2023 Aromatica Australia three day event was held online in November 2023. You can still attend now, by purchasing access to the talks by presenters from around the world. One of the unique aspects of this conference was the information from aromatherapists from Europe, Asia, Pacific, North and South America.

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Aromatica Australia

The 2021 Aromatica Australia was the first venture into an online conference. This created opportunities for us to bring the farms to you. Discover the farm walks as well as the hands on workshops of distillation and product making.


Aromatica Australia

The 2019 Aromatica Australia was an outstanding success, held on the Gold Coast and introducing some live videos from presenters across the Globe. The incorporation of a success trade show was an exciting highlight.

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