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Balun Wood - (River wood) this word is from the Bundjalung dictionary, its meaning is the River 

Balun Wood is a blend of powerful oils that brings with it the strength and masculinity, yet the gentle touch needed. It has a power house of woody whisky base notes and a balance of middle and top notes for perfection and endurance.

The naming of each bespoke formulations come from the Bundjalung dialect, these individual names have been chosen with care and respect to the First Nations People.


Our most specialised bespoke perfume blends have been developed with a range of superb Top , Middle and Base note essential oils, bringing with them an exquisite aroma and body to both the feminine and masculine formulations, these are the Bunbar Rose (Sea rose) and the Balun Wood  (River wood)

Balun Wood - Bespoke Perfume Masculine Blend

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