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Revitalizing clinical aromatherapy and aromatic medicine within Australia, and across the world.

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Deby's passion is Australian Clinical Aromatherapy, utilizing Australian products where available and promoting small providers of quality products for the industry. Deby is also the Owner & Editor of Aromatherapy Today International Journal and hosts Aromatica Australia bi-annually, as well as teaching at colleges globally.


Deby Atterby


Sandra Venables


Lucy Zimmermann


Yaina is the wonderful social media queen for Aromatherapy Today International Journal and Aromatica Australia. Her photography talents are demonstrated on our Facebook and Instagram posts regularly.


Yaina Mingo



Deby Atterby has been in clinical practice for 40 years, continuing to study and enhance her knowledge at every opportunity. Her passion for Australian grown resources, such as herbs, raw materials and Australian grown and distilled essential oils, both common and native has led to her integrating them all into her clinical practice over this time. She has always believed in the importance of using Australian produced resources, supporting the farmers, producers and distillers every step of the way, resulting in unique relationships with the farmers and producers that results in access to truly interesting essential oils as they are being brought to market. Deby's passion for all things Australian in her clinical practice has yielded many case studies with these products that she will be sharing with you to enhance your discovery of these essential oils too.

Deby is excited to be sharing with you how she runs her clinical dispensary, including herbal preparation, creams, lotions, gels, clays and many other formulations, while incorporating her beloved Australian grown and native essential oils. As she does in clinical practice, she will also be sharing some herbal medicine and nutritional knowledge along the way.

Deby Atterby
Toni Esser
Sanddra Venables


Toni's experience in the publishing world is regularly demonstrated in the Aromatherapy Today International Journal, and all of the publications undertaken for Aromatherapy Today and Aromatica Australia.

Sandra not only excels in her technical skill, but is very active in many area of Aromatica Australia, expertise is greatly needed in this modern world of technology.


Lucy is a Natural Therapist running her own home clinic on the property out at Currumbin Waters on the Gold Coast, promoting health and well-being through various natural and holistic approaches . 

Lucy Zimmerman


Yaina Mingo

Yaina is a beauty therapist and nail technician by trade with a passion for helping her clients look and feel their best. Yaina has a solid background in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

In addition to her technical skills, Yaina stays up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the beauty industry.

Yaina has been immersed in the world of aromatherapy since the day she was born, working alongside her mother, Deby Atterby. This unique upbringing has fostered a deep understanding and passion for the power of scents with their impact on well being. With lifelong exposure to aromatherapy, Yaina has developed an extensive knowledge of essential oils.

Yaina has given Deby two of the most important treasures in her life, her granddaughters. Who love spending days with their Mimmy (Deby), in Deby's dispensary making creams, powders, potions and balms. Yaina has a passion and comprehensive understanding of social media and its role in business. Keep an eye out for her post on Facebook and Instagram.

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