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You will be enlightened as you read the comprehensive essential oil profiles, including the history of the First Nation peoples and how they have used Australian native bush tucker as nutritious foods and medicines for centuries.

This book delves into the farms and the producers of essential oils widely distributed throughout Australia and we observe just how much work goes into the production of superior quality essential oils and how they capture the medicinal properties extracted from these unique native plants.

You will learn the formulations of clinical products using Australian native essential oils as well as various Australian botanical extracts while becoming more familiar with their extraordinary therapeutic attributes.

The topics in this book include:

  • 35 Australian native essential oil profiles
  • 15 common essential oil profiles from locally grown and distilled Australian plants
  • Australian carrier oil profiles
  • Hydrosol profiles
  • Australian extracts, clays, native weeds, medicinal honey and many more
  • Clinical formulations, charts and informative glossaries

Australian Essential Oil Profiles – Practical and Clinical Guidelines

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